In order to annually process 20,000 production orders, involving over 100,000 operations, we use the fully automated ERP business software by ISAH. It allows us to manage a project from the first quote to the final billing. In addition to managing our own processes we can connect our system to that of our clients to exchange various forms of information, including XML billing information and order information from Excel.

Shop floor control

In addition to our ERP system we have developed our own Shop Floor Control system, making autonomous control of the shop floor possible. Information about order progress and the availability of materials is shown in real-time on our production screens. Priorities and operation sequences make sure our operators start on the right orders at the right time. Manufacturing time is recorded with barcodes, giving our logistical account managers up-to-the-minute information on an order’s status, which they can relay to our clients.

Client models

As an authoritative supplier we are used to working with a wide range of logistical models. Our KOOP (client order disconnect point) system is flexible and can be designed according to our clients’ wishes. We are familiar with lead time reduction, Kan-Ban, JIT (just-in-time), Lean and QRM.

Supply chain management

As a Tier 1 OEM supplier we take care of the entire production process. Operations outside our competency will be outsourced to third parties in our network. We take full responsibility for the final product. Ideally, we want to be involved in the development phase to provide technical support about the feasibility and production costs of the product.

Transport & labeling

Prior to delivery products are packaged with great care. This can be done in (return) packaging, as required, in our own packaging or in standard boxes or pallets. Specific requirements in terms of labels and stickers are not a problem by connecting to our ERP system. Barcodes, product information and logos: basically, everything is possible. Of course, we can also ship products in neutral packaging to the end-user. Transport is done by us or one of our partners, giving us full control over the handling of our products.

Client testimonials

When it comes to logistics, only an A+ or 100% score is good enough for us.