In addition to our technologically advanced machinery our qualified and motivated staff are the heart and soul of Wilvo. At our two locations we manufacture a broad range of client specific products in small and large series. Depending on use and sector this can mean both simple and complex assembled products. The operators working on our punch presses and laser machines, press brakes and welding robots, just like our certified welders (Mig/Mag and TIG) and assembly and cleaning room staff, possess the right qualifications to make sheet metal parts and perform assembly jobs according to our clients’ wishes.

By cooperating with local schools we ensure a steady inflow of new personnel. Both on the job and external training guarantee a high standard. Want to join the Wilvo team? Take a look at our jobs page and send us an email with your personal details.


Wilvo has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995. Safeguarding our processes is self-evident. A copy of our ISO certificate can be downloaded here.

Two European welding technologists (EWT) assist our qualified welders and assure the quality of our welding processes.

We took into account the environment and the requirements as formulated in the ISO 14001 standards for our production processes and both our locations. As a result we have a strict separation of waste streams, full recycling of our metal streams and a continuous focus on energy use. For example, we use a heat exchanger installation, and our second location uses a geothermal installation and solar panels.

Quality control

To ensure quality control at Wilvo everyone has the right control tools at their disposal. A certified calibration system checks our measuring instruments periodically. Within our independent quality control department we use a height meter, a 3D coordinated measuring machine and a Faro measuring arm, which has a reach of three meters and an accuracy of up to 0,04 mm, allowing us to perform quality checks both in the measuring room and on location.

Project management

We are used to working on a wide range of projects and products and therefore know how to manage different projects. Whether you’re looking for a not binding offer, simply want to look into the technical design and feasibility of your product or are just looking for a solution for a sheet metal problem: Wilvo can do it for you. We are familiar with FMEA, COP, and ESI. If you’re looking for a good offer for your products, we can do that too.

Process management

By continuously investing in machinery and our technical possibilities we are able to guarantee the quality of our products. Service contracts with our partners result in a high reliability, accuracy and availability of our means of production.

Client testimonials

At Wilvo we’re used to working for various clients in a wide range of sectors. Often they’re OEMs in the semiconductor, transport, electro and logistics sectors, or food and medical industries, with which we’ve had long working relations. We are regularly audited and checked for our PPM performance.