Sheet metal parts & machinery

As a supplier of sheet metal parts and assemblies we have all the machinery to manufacture a complete product. Laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, CNC cutting, CNC punching with integrated shear, Salvagnini bending cell, spot welding, robot welding, MIG/MAG welding, press braking, engineering, assembly and cleaning – it’s all possible at Wilvo. We process steel, Zincor, Sendzimir, aluminum and stainless steel sheets, among other metals. Get in touch with us.

24/7 unmanned construction

Many of our machines are equipped with automatic loading and sorting programs making unmanned production possible. This allows for 24/7 production with short delivery times at the right price.

Complex frames & craftsmanship

At Wilvo we do more than just sheet metal. Our experts are capable of producing complex frames and precise finishing. This can be done for small, one-off series, as well as complex long-term projects. Products often evolve from a prototype to the series phase, necessitating a look at different technologies and other production methods. A good example of this is the shift from manual welding to fully robotic welding.

Assembly & clean room

Wilvo has clean rooms at both its locations and a separate 4.000 m2 assembly room. The clean rooms meet the class 6 and 7 ISO 14644-1 requirements and measure 1.000 m2.

Both simple and complex assembly work is possible. It can range from sheet metal being equipped with a bolt and sticker to an assembly consisting of mechanical parts and pneumatics. The stock management of assembly parts is done using lean lifts in closed warehouses.


With over 40 years experience in sheet metal parts we are involved in the products we make from an early stage. Our strength is designing sheet metal products and light construction work. What is the best way to make a product? With which tolerances? With which manufacturing techniques? And, above all, at what cost?

A client’s 3D model or one designed by us in Hi-Cad are the starting point to set up the CNC programs in WiCam. Production instructions and a bill of materials are recorded in our ERP ISAH system, including full revision management. The CAD files enable us to program both the CNC laser and punching machines, and the CNC press brake. All with short lead times and a reduced setup times.

Client testimonials

We don’t shy away from any technical challenge and offer almost limitless possibilities. This allows us to supply to many different (OEM) clients in a wide array of sectors.